SQL Server 2016 config Configuration Manager for SCCM

SQL Server 2016 config Configuration Manager for SCCM. For successful SCCM installation we need reconfigure “SCCM SQL Instance” to use another port for communication (from dynamic set to 14331). You can do it in another way and use dynamic ports, as you wish.

1. Left Mouse Button click on “Start” button and find in apps list “SQL Server 2016 Configuration Manager“. Run it;

2. Go to “Protocols for <Instance Name>” (in my case “SCCM“). Double-click on “TCP/IP“;

3. Select “IP Addresses“;

4. Set in “IP1” and “IP2“:

  • TCP Dynamic Ports – blank;
  • TCP Port – your port (in my case 14331).

5. Set “IPAll” like in step “4“. Click “OK” button;

6. In pop-up window click “OK” button;

7. Go to “SQL Server Services“;

8. Select “SQL Server (<your instance name>)” and button, like on screenshot to restart services and apply changes;

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