Known Issues in this Technical Preview:
When you install version 1611, the overall status for prerequisites might show as passed with warnings, but does not list which prerequisites caused the warnings. This can be caused by the following two prerequisites:+

  • SQL Index Create Memory options
  • Checks for supported SQL Server version

Because these are only warnings, they can be ignored.

The following are new features you can try out with this version.

Pre-cache content for available deployments and task sequences

In this technical preview, for available deployments and task sequences, you can choose to use the pre-cache feature to have clients download only relevant content before a user installs the content.+

For example, let’s say you want to deploy a Windows 10 in-place upgrade task sequence, only want a single task sequence for all users, and have multiple architectures and/or languages. In Current Branch, if you create an available deployment, and then the user clicks Install in Software Center, the content downloads at that time. This adds additional time before the installation is ready to start. Alternatively, in Current Branch if you create an available task sequence deployment, all content referenced in the task sequence is downloaded. This includes the operating system upgrade package for all languages and architectures. If each is roughly 3 GB in size, the download package can be quite large.

The pre-cache content feature gives you the option to allow the client to only download the applicable content as soon as it receives the deployment. Therefore, when the user clicks Install in Software Center, the content is ready and the installation starts quickly because the content is on the local hard drive.

User experience

  • When the client receives the deployment policy, it will start to pre-cache the content. This includes all referenced content (any other package types) and only the operating system upgrade package that matches the client based on the conditions that you set in the task sequence.
  • When the deployment is made available to users (setting on the Scheduling tab of the deployment), a notification displays to inform users about the new deployment and the deployment becomes visible in Software Center. The user can go to Software Center and click Install to start the installation.
  • If the content is not fully pre-cached, then it will use the settings specified on the Deployment Option tab of the deployment. We recommend that there is sufficient time between when the deployment is created and the time in which the deployment becomes available to users to allow clients enough time to pre-cache the content.

More details about Technical Preview 1611 for System Center Configuration Manager.