Windows Admin Center 1809.5 GA available now

Windows Admin Center 1809.5 GA available now.


  • Accessibility improvements
  • Notification message improvements
  • Certificate handling improvements for upgrades
  • New splash screen when loading Windows Admin Center


  • Add/remove virtual disk or drive for running VMs
  • VM Connect web console now works in the Virtual Machines tool on Failover Cluster and HCI Cluster connections
  • VM state refresh time is improved on Windows Server 2019 HCI clusters
  • Azure Site Recovery protection status is shown for VMs across all cluster nodes
  • VM health alerts now show VM name instead of VM ID


  • UI improvements for Cluster Aware Updating

Extension Manager

  • User-installed extensions are persisted across Windows Admin Center upgrades
  • Increased resiliency against extension errors

Hyper-converged infrastructure

  • Multi-select bulk actions for drives, volumes, and servers

    With full support for Shift/Ctrl + click keyboard shortcuts, confirmation dialogs, and improved notifications. For example, you can now delete multiple volumes with just one click.

  • Monitor storage per-server

    How much storage capacity is used per server, and how much needs to repair (normal after restarting), is now visible on the Server detail. Now you can track exactly how resync is progressing without relying on Get-StorageJob!

  • Better network activity monitoring

    The Server detail page now has separate charts for non-RDMA and RDMA networking, each showing inbound and outbound traffic separately (summed over all adapters in the server). In addition to the new features described above, this update also brings many other minor fixes and improvements throughout HCI.

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