Continuing preparing LAB Simple Hyper-V configuration

Simple Hyper-V configuration. Earlier I add Hyper-V component to my Windows. Now I make some simple config of Hyper-V for future deploying.

Summary of PC using for all this: Windows 10 1607 14393.447 EDU, i5-3450, 12 Gb RAM, 1 SSD (System), 1 HDD (for VM’s), 1 External Network (need for enterprise SCCM and some future posts), 1 Private Network (for LAB use).

1. I make some preparation and create folder in my “Local Disk D:\” for storing VM’s files – “Hyper-V“;

hvprep12. Run “Hyper-V Manager” (I’m already pin it to my taskbar);

hvprep23. In the opened console go to “Hyper-V Settings…

hvprep34. In my case at this point I configure only two parameters:

“Virtual Hard Disks” – set path to my folder “D:\Hyper-V” for storing vhdx’s;

“Virtual Machines” – set path to my folder “D:\Hyper-V” for storing VM’s config files;

5. After all changes press “OK“;

hvprep46. Next – config Virtual Switch. Go to “Virtual Switch Manager“;

hvprep57. As first step create “External Virtual Switch” for enterprise network. Select type “External” and click on “Create Virtual Switch“;

hvprep68. Enter “Name” of your Switch (in my case – “External“). Check connection type (“External network“), select your adapter and set check mark “Allow management operating system to share this network adapter“, so the network can get enterprise network (internet). After all changes – press “Apply“;

hvprep79. When you press apply – you get message about connection loosing, read message and press “Yes“. We create first Virtual Switch;

hvprep810. Second Virtual Switch – LAB network. Go back to “New virtual network switch“, select “Private” (network for communicate vm’s only with each other), press “Create Virtual Switch“;

hvprep9a11. Enter “Name” of Virtual Switch, select type “Private network” and press “OK“;

hvprep10That’s all – we make some simple preparation for future LAB.

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