DPM Delete a specific Recovery Point

DPM Delete a specific Recovery Point. (Tested in latest DPM 2019)

Here is an example. We want to delete the Recovery Point from the evening of May 18 from the Backup of the file server FS01 in the Protection Group “File Backup”. DPM Server name is “DPM01”.

1. First get the Protection Group to which the recovery point belong

$pg = Get-ProtectionGroup -DPMServerName DPM01 | where {$_.Name -eq "File Backup"}

2. Then you need the Data Source from where the data in the recovery point comes from.

$ds = Get-Datasource -ProtectionGroup $pg | where {$_.Computer -eq "FS01"}

NOTE: If this is Hyper-V VM, then use hypervisor computername (not VM name)

3. And finally you need to select the Recovery Point which you want to delete. You can identify the Recovery Point by Date and Time. (There’s a catch – you must use wright date and time format for point). Check the screenshot for example.

$rp = Get-RecoveryPoint -Datasource $ds | where {$_.BackupTime -eq (get-date "18.05.2019 00:05:23")} 

NOTE: I use for this Recovery tab, select date at calendar and click Recovery. Let me know in the comments if you know easiest way to get needed date and time.

Now we have all of the needed information an we can delete the Recovery Point.

Remove-RecoveryPoint -RecoveryPoint $rp
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