How-to Add Operating System Image to SCCM

How-to Add Operating System Image to SCCM. Before running this guide, you must make some little preparation such as – Windows *.iso file download. After that do this steps.

1. Mount downloaded early *.iso file;

2. Copy install.wim from <drive letter>\sources to some folder on your server;

3. Open SCCM Console and navigate to Software Library\Operating Systems\Operating Systems Images, click Add Operating System Image in upper menu;

4. Click Browse and navigate to folder with install.wim as network shared resources (\\<servername>\<drivename>$\). Click Next;

5. Enter information about your image and click Next;

6. For Summary, click Next;

7. Then click Close;

8. When you got your newly added image RMB (Right Mouse Button click) on it and select Distribute Content;

9. For General, Click Next;

10. Select Distribution Point and click Next;

11. For Summary, click Next;

12. When complete, click Close;

13. When Image copied to Distribution Point you can go to Task Sequences and create some tasks.

P. S. You may copy any other versions of Windows in *.iso files. Or you can create your custom image with ADK and add to SCCM.

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