Configuration Manager site recover

Configuration Manager site recover. In this post, we make SCCM site recover. Some time you need restore you SCCM, I show you how.

1. For recover process you must prepare “SCCM server“, “SQL server” and restore to SQL “SCCM Databases“. (NO DB, NO RECOVER);

2. Start SCCM installation;

3. Click “Install“;

4. Click “Next” button;

5. Select option “Recover a site” and click “Next” button;

6. Choose the best option for your situation, click “Next” button (I choose “Use a site database that has been manually recovered“);

7. Click “Next” button (if you don’t have sccm hierarchy);

8. Enter license key or install evaluation version, click “Next” button;

9. Read and accept “Licenses“, click “Next” button;

10. Download or use early downloaded “prerequisite files” (by clicking “Next” button);

11. Check information and click “Next” button;

12. Enter “SQL server” and “SQL instance“, where you restore DB’s;

13. Choose location for data and logs, click “Next” button;

14. Click “Next” button;

15. Check “Summary” information and click “Next” button;

16. After “Prerequisite check” click “Begin Install” to start recovering;

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