Configuration Manager Software Update Point There was an error downloading the software update. (12152). The wizard was telling, that some updates failed to download with error: There was an error downloading the software update. (12152).

At the patchdownloader.log (it can be under %temp%, C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp or \Logs):

Open the Internet explorer and navigated to the Contentsource (in this case IE was also failing to download…

Now, download every single one of these updates manually and saved it to the network. Return to CM and start the wizard to download them but this time, instead of downloading via internet select the network and everything must work.

If your internet connectivity is slow, you will face problems downloading stuff via Software Update Point. SCCM has a timeout of 15min per download, it means that, if the download takes over 15min it will timeout and error will be generated. In this case, use IE to download that update, and if you’re going to use this “workaround”, remember to delete the browser cache, add the site (i normally add * to the secure IE list.