SQL 2017 RC2 installation for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2016

SQL 2017 RC2 installation for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2016.

NOTE: This is LAB installation, don’t repeat it in production!

Some preparation:

  1. I create 2 service accounts for SQL Server (sql01svc and sql01agent) in Active Directory, add sql01svc to Administrators security group;
  2. Create separate logical disk for SQL Server databases.

Installation process:

  1. Start SQL 2017 installation;

2. Navigate to Installation and choose New SQL Server stand-alone installation…;

3. Choose edition and click Next;

4. Read and accept license terms, click Next;

5. In my case and don’t select Update check, click Next;

6. There is now Internet on this machine so the error is normal, click Next;

7. As you may see there is now no .Net 3.5 requirement anymore, click Next;

8. Select feature that you need, click Next;

9. Select Default instance or create Named, click Next;

10. Enter you service accounts for services and navigate to Collation tab;

11. Ensure that collation is SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, click Next;

12. Add SQL Server administrators and navigate to Data Directories tab;

13. You can change paths (like I) or leave by default, navigate to TempDB tab;

14. Change Directories or leave by default and click Next;

15. When ready, click Install;

16. When installation complete, click Close;

NOTE: Don’t forget change SQL port from dynamic to static and open it on Windows Firewall, and install SQL Management Studio at some machine.

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