In this post, we config “Discovery Methods” in SCCM. “Discovery Methods” help you discover new computers and users in your infrastructure.

1. Start your SCCM Console and go to “Administration“;

2. Go to “Overview\Hierarchy Configuration\Discovery Methods“;

3. First config “Active Directory Forest Discovery“.

4. Select and click button “Properties” or click Right Mouse Button and select “Properties“;

5. Set check mark “Enable Active Directory Forest Discovery“. If you wish create boundaries by AD sites – set check mark. If you wish create IP address range boundaries – set check mark. Schedule “Run time” and click “OK” button;

6. If you wish start discovering now – click “Yes” button in pop-up window;

7. In my LAB and Enterprise deployment I don’t use “Active Directory Group Discovery“, so I skip it;

8. Select and open properties (see step “4“) for “Active Directory System Discovery“;

9. Set check mark “Enable Active Directory System Discovery“. Click on button to add AD container (see screenshot);

10. Click “Browse” button and select AD container for discovering. Also, you may select more options for searching. After selecting click “OK” button;

11. Ok we add AD container;

12. You can schedule “Full” and “Delta” discovery in “Polling Schedule” bookmark;

13. Also you may add more attributes for importing to SCCM in “Active Directory Attributes” bookmark;

14. And config excluded options in “Options” bookmark. When you finish – click “OK” button;