Let’s install Active Directory (AD) role in Windows Server 2016 (Standard) DCSC.

Before installing AD role, you must install DNS role. (DNS – required component for AD).

1. Start your Server and start “Server Manager” console (by default starts after user login);

2. Click Manage (upper menu) and click “Add Roles and Features“;

3. Click “Next” button;

4. Select “Role-based or feature-based installation” and click “Next” button;

5. Select your target server (in my case it’s only one) and click “Next” button;

6. Set check mark “Active Directory Domain Services” (ADDS);

7. In pop-up window click “Add Features” button (added some AD management tools);

8. Click “Next” button;

9. For now we don’t need any “Features“, so click “Next“;

10. Read short text about AD and click “Next” button;

11. You may set check mark “Restart the destination server automatically if required” (by default not required). Click “Install” button;

13. Installation began;

12. After installation complete click “Close” button;

In the next Part 2 we make final configuration of AD role.