Guide Simple Windows Server 2016 DHCP Role configuration with GUI and PowerShell.

With GUI:

1. Run DHCP console from apps list. Navigate to IPv4\Server Options. There we config Server options for all scopes;

2. Right Mouse Button click at Server Options and click Configure Options;

3. Select option 006 DNS Servers, enter IP address and click Add;

4. Select option 015 DNS Domain Name, enter domain name and click OK;

5. New options added;

6. Right Mouse Button click at IPv4 and click New Scope;

7. Click Next;

8. Enter Name (and if you wish Description), click Next;

9. Enter Start IP address, End IP address and Subnet mask, click Next;

10. At this page, you may exclude IP range from DHCP. Click Next;

11. Set Lease Duration and click Next;

12. You may select Yes and configure Scope Options for this scope. I choose No, click Next;

13. Click Finish;

14. Scope created, but we must Activate it;

15. Right Mouse Button click at scope and click Activate;

16. Scope activated and worked!

17. If you Right Mouse Button click on Leased IP Address, you may Add to reservation or Add to filter, or even Delete it;

With PowerShell:

1. Run PowerShell as Administrator. To get active scopes enter;

Get-DhcpServerv4Scope -cn <dhcp server name> | select scopeid, name, description

2. To add new scope, enter;

Add-DhcpServerv4Scope -Name ‘<scope name>’ -StartRange <start IP Address> -EndRange <end IP Address> -SubnetMask <subnet mask> -Description ‘<description>’ –cn <dhcp server name>

3. Before scope delete Best Practies is run command with WhatIf parameter;

Remove-DhcpServerv4Scope -ScopeId <scope id> -cn <dhcp server name>  -WhatIf

4. Than run without WhatIf parameter;

Remove-DhcpServerv4Scope -ScopeId <scope id> -cn <dhcp server name>

5. Scope removed.