Install SCCM requirements Part 3 Windows Server Roles. In this post, we begin install requirements for “System Center Configuration Manager” (SCCM) install on SCCM Server. If you don’t install all requirements – then you get error on step “Requirements check” when install SCCM.

My deployment scenario:

  • SQL 2016 on Windows Server 2016 with separated disks (System, DB’s, Temp);
  • SCCM 1606 on Windows 2016 with two disks (one for system and one for data, like updates and apps)

1. Let’s make some tuning of our server. I need host SCCM data on disk “D“. To doing this we must create blank file “NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS” in the root of disk “C“;

2. Make sure it blank;

3. Next we need at Windows Server Roles and Features. In the “Server Manager” in upper menu click “Manage” and then “Add Roles and Features“;

4. Click “Next” button. (you may set check mark “Skip this page by default” and this window don’t appear next time);

5. Leave by default “Role-based or feature-based installation” and click “Next” button;

6. Select target server and click “Next” button (I have only one server);

7. Set check mark on “Web Server (IIS)” role, in pop-up window click “Add Features” button;

8. Set check mark on “Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)“, in pop-up window click “Add Features” button;

9. After all steps click “Next” button;